First Friday's and Such

I am posting the playlist from last night here. You know...the tracks that we flip on to Twitter...that ones that might go on rotation on our 24/7 streaming joint that you can play from right here. (Or you soon will be able to..still working on that).

There is not necessarily a rhyme or reason to the mix. It really is just dictated by what I happen to find on SC on a given day. 

So we have some future soul, some trap, some lo-fi Instrumental Hip-Hop, some remixes...a variety of sounds to choose from.

What really jumped this week for me was the release of a couple compilations that are pretty dope and have been featured pretty heavy on the feed.

One is from Zen Supremacy. I probably playlisted a track off that joint everyday this week. It's a free download so you might as well check it out. (The track that appears on this playlist is the Lege Kale Joint).

The Turbo Tape crew also dropped a joint a week or so ago that I am still digging. 

See you tomorrow. Pizza's here.


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