The Reminisce Trap

One thing good music never fails to do is to spark memory. Experts say one of the major reasons we are attracted to any given song is because there is something familiar about it. 

We like what we like, because of the way it connects us to some fond memory.

They say.

We hear a song, our song--and we are transported back to the place we first heard it. Transported to when it became our song. Something happened at the moment the song played that etched an indelible mark in our memory. 

From then on we are doomed to reminisce. Any other song that is similar enough may also do it for/to us. 

For all my so-called taste in music, could it be that my past is pulling my strings? 

Do I like what I like because a particular string of notes was in the air as something worth remembering happened when I was 18 years old?


Tracks on this list took me somewhere specific. Maybe because, as I was putting it together, SHE was in the room. And I was recalling conversations that we had.

Don't worry. It's not all feels.

Fair warning. It's some feels.

And some slappers and bangers too. That was sorta how we were, her and I.

If I remember correctly. 

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