Real Talent Shines Through Imperfection

There is something to be said for taking your time and getting things just right. When you have a clear idea of how you want your joint to sound and you are relentless about pursuing that sound, that's the stuff of greatness. 

There is some of that in this playlist. Real pros taking their time and crafting their shit.

And there is also another type of greatness in evidence in this playlist. There are some rougher cuts. Some stuff that sounds like maybe some guys were just playing around and happen to be recording it. 

That's the fun stuff. That the stuff I remember most from my time in the studio. Yeah, most of the stuff that comes out at this stage is trash. But all of the breakthroughs also happen here. That unexpected off-beat. That "oh-shit!" moment where you hear that note, that chord, that moment that changes the whole course of the song. 

You might have had an idea when you started. Now you have a different, better idea and you are in a race against your fleeting inspiration to get it down before it is gone forever.

You may need to go back and fix it later, clean it up or whatever. But it is still dope to hang on to these early drafts so you can see where the idea started. It is even doper when you share those early drafts with the world.


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